A Day in the life of a St Mary's Calne Sixth Former

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7:50am the alarm bell rings and then begins the morning rush to get dressed, eat breakfast and leave the house, for registration at 8.25am.

Then for Chapel. We all file in, sing enthusiastically to the chosen hymn (never pitch perfect that early in the morning), listen to the readings, notices and prayers, before heading out to our first lesson.

Now we have 1 hour and 45 minutes of lessons until break. Feeling like Paula Radcliffe before the marathon, we soldier on!  From solving maths equations and chemical explosions to delving into the lives of the Tudors, we all immerse ourselves in our favourite subjects.

10.30am and it's back to House for a refuel; chocolate, crisps, toast and for the more health-conscious, a ryvita or banana. After half an hour of catching up on the morning drama, dancing to the music channels and cracking jokes, it's back over to school for lessons. We are eager to learn and, inspired by the teachers, press on with the A Level syllabus.  In English we have an animated discussion as to the meaning of the title The Great Gatsby and whether Fitzgerald's title is sincere or ironic.  This fires us up for our next lesson, History, where we debate the extent to which Mary Tudor deserves her reputation as 'Bloody Mary' or whether this image was generated by her sister Elizabeth I. 

Now for lunch, where we enjoy the privacy and privilege of a delicious lunch in the Sixth Form House. From terriaki salmon to chicken wraps, we help ourselves, deserving every mouthful from our brain-aching morning. The sporty spices then jog up to the top-pitches for team practices. Sprinting rapidly, dodging astutely and scoring frequently, we execute a highly successful sport session, with the occasional sing-alongs, mud fights and dance routines thrown in!

Before lunchtime registration I have a meeting about UCAS with our Director of Higher Education, Mrs Socha, who gives me some good advice on the universities I am considering.  We then make our way back to register. From there it’s the final stretch. Four more lessons where we keep our brainpower rolling before the loud chaos that hits house at 5.10pm when we converge to the common room to have a laugh and catch up about the day’s events.

6.15pm and yet another meal is upon us. It's supper time so off to the main school dining room we trundle, where we chat to friends in the lower years and attempt (with little success) to re-enact the High School Musical dining-room scene. Then it's time for the evening activities. From singing like angels in choir practice, to being drama queens in the theatre, we all enjoy time to dive into the things we most love, giving them our all, before settling down to do some more prep.

After a few hours of dedicated study, 10pm hits and it’s back to the common room for a last minute cup of herbal tea and yet another chat. One by one we depart to bed, going our separate ways before we start another day in the life of a Calne Sixth Former; always eventful and never predictable.

By Matilda and Florence, UVI Form