English class‘To see a world in a grain of sand
And heaven in a wild flower.’  William Blake

The English Department is dynamic, flourishing and successful, offering an imaginative, stimulating approach and a diverse programme of study. Work is supported by excellent library facilities, ICT provision and experienced staff. Students have the opportunity to take part in writing competitions, the production of our creative writing magazine Literalilly and The Reading Odyssey, which is our carefully structured way of extending wider reading. Each year we provide a varied programme of extra-curricular activities, including theatre trips, lectures, workshops, creative writing days and film clubs, as well as visiting authors and poets. During Enrichment Weeks, Fourth Form pupils have the opportunity to take part in activities ranging from creating puppet plays and Shakespeare from Scratch Day to charity events, such as Make a Magazine in a Day.  Sixth Form English Literature students may be invited to participate creative writing days at local universities, alongside other Wiltshire schools. All students are encouraged to enjoy their studies and to achieve their full potential.


All pupils follow the CIE IGCSE First Language English (0500) syllabus for English Language and the EDEXCEL IGCSE for English Literature (4ET0).  A very high standard is achieved in both coursework and examinations.

A Level – English Literature AQA B

This is a very popular option, with most students continuing through to A2 Level and achieving excellent results. There is the opportunity to produce coursework at both AS Level and A2 Level, which allows for individual exploration, initiative and originality. We follow the AQA B specification (2745).

Mrs Sian Stables (Head of Department)