Girls battle it out in Inter-Company Hockey

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The week of 4th December saw a fiercely contested hockey competition between the Companies.

In the LIV and MIV competition, we had a series of hard-working teams that showed off a variety of skills and provided entertainment, alongside some spectacular play. Ed Rich were dominant throughout and used height and width to stretch out their opponents, providing some brilliant goal-scoring opportunities. Moberly put on a strong defensive display, keeping out pressure from many teams and securing two wins and two losses, placing them in 3rd position. Grosstete put on a strong performance, losing only to Ed Rich in a nail-biting game, which finished 2-1, putting them in 2nd place.

The UIV girls came out in force, braving the harsh weather conditions with enthusiasm and determination from all to win. Individuals stepped up and played in goal, others played out of position. The UIV contest was fierce with the last few games deciding who this year’s victor was. With many games coming down to a draw, Moberly secured their win by scoring over half of their goals in the last two games, beating Poore 3-0 and 2-0 over Osmund. Poore came in 2nd place, securing wins and draws in all their other games. Grosstete and Ed Rich competed for 3rd and 4th place with Ed Rich just beating Grosstete on goal difference.

Thursday saw the Fifth Form take to the astro in the final round of the Inter-Company hockey; Osmund and Grosstete were dominant throughout their games. Ed Rich secured three 0-0 draws; although at the bottom of the leader board, with three goal keepers on the team and with very few goals getting past them, this was an achievement. It came down to the final game between Osmund and Grosstete to decide who would be victorious. The game could have gone either way, with both teams putting pressure on the others' defence. Grosstete managed to secure victory with the final score 1-0. Well done Grosstete!

Final positions
LIV and MIV Company Hockey
1st Ed Rich
2nd Grosstete
3rd Moberly
4th Osmund
5th Poore

UIV Company Hockey
1st Moberly
2nd Poore
3rd Ed Rich
4th Grosstete
5th Osmund

Fifth Form Company Hockey
1st Grosstete
2nd Osmund
3rd Moberly
4th Poore
5th Ed Rich