Equestrian team qualifies for the Windsor Championship

NSEA ChampsSome of our equestrians headed off to Wickstead on the weekend before Christmas to compete in the National Schools Equestrian Association NSEA Windsor Qualifiers.

A huge amount of entries meant they were running the competition over two days and would merge the results at the end of the second day, with the fastest two teams with the lowest number of faults qualifying.

A Windsor qualification has eluded us over the last four years so we were very keen to qualify for this prestigious championship.

Early to go on the first day, the team of Charka (LVI Form), Emily (UV Form), Lila and Lily (both LV Form) pulled out all the stops to finish on a zero score. At the end of the day the girls were in second place.

We waited in anticipation until the end of the second day, but no teams were able to match the competitive score the girls had finished on.  It was a great way to finish the school year - with the girls gaining the long-awaited Windsor Qualification! 

Many congratulations also to Isabella (UIV Form) who came third individually in the 80cm class.

Miss Kerry Emms, Equestrian Co-ordinator