Superb celebration of Art at our 'Past Present Future' Exhibition

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By 5.45pm on the evening of 3rd November there was a palpable buzz outside the 20th Century Theatre in Westbourne Grove, London as people began gathering to visit the art exhibition, Past Present Future, celebrating the Art of St Mary’s Calne.

The first exhibit on view in the ground floor window space, was a life-size elephant made of wire, wood, plaster and rope created by Hannah (UV Form), which had people literally stopping in their tracks. Thereafter expectations were surpassed everywhere you looked. Approximately two hundred guests passed through the door on the first night and were treated not only to a dizzying array of talent, ice cold prosecco, and the most incredible party atmosphere, but also to an inspirational and heartfelt speech by Sir Antony Gormley, who awarded his prize for best piece of work by a senior girl to Georgina (LVI Form).

Parents, old girls, current girls and even potential parents, were all utterly wowed by the art submitted by Calne girls past and present, and several of the pieces were sold. We could not have been more pleased with the success of the event and all felt extremely proud to be members of such a creative and gifted community.

Photos courtesy of Clarissa Fortesque