Fascinating Art Annual Review Exhibition

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St Mary's Calne held its Art Annual Review Exhibition from 5th to 31st December at the White Horse Bookshop in Marlborough and it was a huge success.

History of Art student, Joanna (LVI Form) visited the exhibition on its opening day and was impressed by what she saw:  

"It was fascinating to see a wide range of art works by Scholars, Alumnae and Artists - comprising classic paintings to drawings and sculptures.

I walked around the exhibition a few times and frequently asked myself why paintings were displayed in a particular way, and considered the visual impact created on the viewers by the way they were arranged. 

When we first entered the gallery, we saw seven little paintings that were delightful to look at. I thought that placing these tiny paintings at the beginning of the exhibition journey was a good idea because it gave the viewers a sweet taster and a positive first impression of our school exhibition.

Then, as I moved on, there were bigger paintings which had a greater impact on me; a painting of a woman in grief with a blue dress was visually striking. On the other side of the wall, there was a series of portraits, the colours were relatively relaxed and comfortable to look at. Since this wall was the last bit of the exhibition, I thought that the idea of hanging paintings here that were softer in colour was a great way to end the exhibition because they helped our eyes rest after looking at many works of art. Not to mention the amazing drawings of botanical teeth by Miss Pearson (our Artist in Residence), who we interviewed, these were fascinating to look at! Her works were displayed in a central wall so that it immediately drew viewers’ attention to them. I also loved the fact that they arranged her little paintings in two long rows, just like the structure of our teeth, 32 in total!

As a History of Art student, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the art and thinking about the way the works were displayed to give more of a meaning and have a greater impact on the viewers.

Joanna (LVI Form)