Fantastic Lacrosse Team performances at Marlborough

All of the St Mary's teams had an exceptional day of lacrosse at the St Patrick's Day Invitational Tournament, held at Marlborough College over the weekend.


Sometimes in sport it can all go to plan and this weekend (14th March) it did! It was a perfect way to end the season - every member of the team was very much up for the win and despite a late night and good team dinner, we got off to a cracking start against Rendomb. The team played with purpose and conviction, confident in their ability and in each other. We strung together three impressive performances, defending superbly and opening up space and opportunities in attack - and taking them!

Once again, many thanks to all the loyal parents for your continued support and to all the players for your commitment and effort this season. Oli, Bella, Becca and Ellie we will miss you!

St Mary's vs Rendcomb Won 7-0 Fitzpatrick (2), Higgins (2), Smith (2), Bartlett
St Mary's vs Marlborough Won 7-1 Tottenham (3), Bartlett, Fitzpatrick, Nye
St Mary's vs Sherborne Won 11-3 Higgins (3), Bartlett (2), Brown (2), Tottenham (2), King, Nye


The girls started the first game strong against Westonbirt, moving the ball well in attack and defending the ball when the opposition brought it up the pitch. They kept going until the final whistle, winning the first game 9-4. They faced Marlborough straight after, and wanted to get going quickly, seeing as they had just played. They won possession from the very first centre, dominating the game from the outset, working the ball fantastically in attack and pressuring in defence. The girls kept going throughout, racking up goal after goal, making the final score 10 to us and having let none in for Marlborough. This meant that we had come 1st out of the 3 teams in our section. Every single girl played excellently; it was a great way to finish the season! Millie, Mia and Marina you will be sorely missed!


Another fantastic performance by the 3rd XII - we were dominant against Marlborough and won 18-0, with the majority of the team scoring at least 1 goal. We were expecting to meet Rendcomb 2nd XII next but they had unfortunately withdrawn from the tournament. Hannah was Player of the Match, scoring a total of 6 goals!! A fantastic season by the 3rd Lacrosse Team, well done to each and every team member!


2nd place in the Tournament:
This tournament was the last time the U15s were going to play as a team. They had two matches in a row against Marlborough and Rendcomb. St Mary's performance was not as good as it could of been, and we played down to the opposition's level. However, there was some very good team goals and we came up with a 10-1 win against Marlborough. There was no time for rest as we were straight on against Rendcomb who we hadn't played this year. We stepped up our performance and there was some smooth, controlled lacrosse through the midfield and some fantastic team goals coming from both attack and defence players to win 9-2.

Our final game was against Sherborne, and we knew that this was going to be a very tough match as we had come up against them throughout the season with both a win and a loss against them. We had a very slow start and we were not ready for the physicality and competitiveness that Sherborne brought to the game. They took control of the draws and used their athleticism in the midfield, scoring a quick few goals. We panicked as we knew we were better but our control wasn't good enough and at half time the score was 5-0. The girls kept their heads up as they knew they could beat them. The determination from all the players on the pitch was outstanding and Milly used her speed with the ball to get a quick few goals. The girls were back in the game and Sherborne were now the ones panicking. We didn't have long left and all we needed to do was win the draw, gain control and score. Unfortunately time ran out of time and Sherborne won 6-4. It was a well-fought game and it would have been different if we went from the first whistle. However, the U15's have had a tremendous season with some brilliant wins, as well as reaching the quarter finals at National Schools Tournament. I look forward to working with them at Senior level next year. Well done to all the girls!


St Mary's vs Marlborough College Won 6-0
St Mary's vs Westonbirt Won 4-1
St Mary's vs Sherborne Won 6-1
St Mary's vs Rendcomb Won 9-1

The U14's had an excellent finish to the season by winning the St Patrick's Day Invitation Tournament held at Marlborough College. They quickly took control in their first match against Marlborough, dominating play in midfield and around goal in attack. The defence remained solid with some fantastic saves in goal by Camilla and thus keeping a clean sheet. The whole team kept up the pace on this cold afternoon and finished unbeaten. A special mention should be made to Annabel who stepped up from the B Team and scored some lovely goals.