Girls support Plan UK's 'World Wide Walk'


On Sunday 15th March, the LIV and MIV girls, with Mrs Taylor-Smith, Mrs Paddock, Dr Kirk and her dog Lily, Miss Newsome-White and Miss Thornton all enjoyed a delicious roast lunch before piling on to a coach to head off to Chippenham to walk the seven miles (over 11 km) along the cycle path back to Calne in aid of Plan UK’s Because I am a Girl campaign.

This campaign asks pupils at schools across the UK to take on the challenge of collectively walking the circumference of the world – a distance of 40,075km! This is to highlight how every day, girls living in the poorest communities walk an average of just over six miles (or 10km) to collect water. This task can keep them out of school and put them at risk of harassment, or worse.

The girls varied in the speed they walked (as did the staff!), but all enjoyed being out in the fresh air:

"We went along some lovely woodland paths, displaying daffodils, crocuses and pansies.  The countryside was very pretty with beautiful views from either side. We had many encounters with other walkers and their dogs, all happy to see Lily! We did have a few muddy girls and many aching feet near the end, but the girls persevered and carried on.  It was very enjoyable but by the time we got back the girls were all more than eager to sit down in the common room and have cupcakes for tea!"
(Tabitha, MIV Form).