UIV Form captivated by Broadway production of Romeo and Juliet

On Tuesday 20th April, the entire UIV Form attended a  screening of British director David Leveaux's multiracial production of Romeo and Juliet in Marlborough Town Hall.

The fact that Orlando Bloom was playing Romeo had no effect at all on the UIV Form, who were wholly focused on improving their knowledge on the nuances of Shakespeare's tragedy!  On a more serious note, the production was innovative and fresh, using contemporary stage sets, music and delivery to communicate a modernised, and sometimes surprising, version of this much-loved play.

Performances were electric in the main, Mercutio, played by Christian Carmago, was wholly energising and Juliet, played by  two-time Tony award nominee Condola Rashād, gave the character a stronger, more vibrant, presence than seen before.  Reviews of Bloom's swaggering, matinee-idol performance were mixed, with most pupils agreeing that his vocal delivery and physical performance were lack-lustre in comparison to the rest of the cast. However, all agreed that the play was an enjoyable visual feast which had helped add depth and richness to their understanding of the play and its many meanings, which are as relevant today as they were then.