The School Magazines: 1982 - 2005

Mid-morning Break
Mid-morning Break 1956

For many years St Mary's produced an annual news sheet which was sent out to the alumnae and to the families of those within the school. These contained all the school news and an additional section of alumnae news. Joyce Bailey arrived as Headmistress of St Mary's in 1972 and initiated an internal school magazine in 1974. Alongside this, the news sheet now became the site solely for alumnae news with an introduction to the school year from the Headmistress. In 1982 the magazines took on a new format and can be seen within this section up to that of 2005.After that period the format changed further and the magazine is now published under the title Oxygen. This captures the energy and ethos of St Mary's and is inspired by the discovery of oxygen by Joseph Priestley in Calne in 1774.