British Council awards St Mary's Calne the International School Award

St Mary's Calne has been awarded the Foundation level of the British Council's International School Award.

Taking part in the award links the school with others around the world, teaches our pupils about other countries and cultures, provides an internationally recognised accreditation for the school’s international work and enhances teaching standards through sharing best practice from other countries.

Being aware of other countries and cultures enables the girls to learn how to become global citizens. The British Council has recognised that the school already does a lot in this arena, including the girls' partnership with the school in the Chama region of Zambia, where the girls worked with the Anglican Street Children's Programme to help to build a school in October 2013.  The Chama region is a very remote part of Zambia and the nearest secondary school is located over 80km away. This relationship is ongoing and the girls hope to visit the school in Chama again soon.  St Mary's Calne's cultural visit to Nepal, study of China and the Chinese traditions during Enrichment Week, and exploring the education in other countries (for example  Dr Sarah Fane OBE, CEO and Founder of Afghan Connection's gave a lecture to the girls on Afghanistan) all form part of St Mary's commitment to teaching girls about life and culture in other countries.  The school is also committed to supporting charity Plan UK's Because I am a Girl campaign, a special campaign to make sure that all girls can go to school (65 million girls aren't in school) to live a life free from violence and to choose if, who and when they marry.  St Mary's girls have raised funds for this campaign by participating in the World Wide Walk and will continue to support this campaign in the forthcoming years.

St Mary's Calne is looking forward to building on this achievement and working towards the next stage of the ISA to gain the Intermediate Award.

For further information about the British Council's International School Award please click here