St Mary's Calne welcomes the 'girl on the dancing horse', Charlotte Dujardin CBE

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On the evening of Tuesday 5th December 2017, St Mary’s Calne was privileged to welcome British Elite Dressage Rider and Triple Olympic Gold Medalist, Charlotte Dujardin CBE, to the school.

St Mary’s Equestrian Co-ordinator, Kerry Emms, posed questions from the couch, along with two of the school's keen equestrians, Charka and Lara. Charlotte also took questions from a captivated audience.

The audience was made up of St Mary’s pupils, parents, local pony clubs and riding clubs, as well as some of the wider riding communities.

It is hard not to be a little star struck when you meet somebody as famous as Charlotte, she is instantly recognisable from all of her competitions. Charlotte immediately put the audience at ease with her infectious personality and drive to turn her dreams into reality.

We learnt about her humble beginnings and how hard work has turned her into a global superstar. Her passion for the sport is clear to see and it was interesting to hear Charlotte talk about her day-to-day life at the yard, her training methods and how her horses are looked after. Charlotte also shared with the audience her experiences of competing at the Olympics and other international competitions.

Charlotte talked about her aspiring string of talented young horses and what life has in store, now that her famous partner, Valegro, has been retired.

We are extremely grateful to Charlotte for coming to speak at St Mary's Calne; it was an incredibly inspiring and motivational evening.

Miss Kerry Emms, Equestrian Co-ordinator