Welcome from the Head Girl’s Team

Head Girl's TeamMaking the transition from GCSEs to A Levels can be daunting, but luckily at St Mary's, although things change, they change for the better. With A Levels, you explore far more deeply the subjects you love, and at St Mary's there is constant staff support to help us with this. From Directors of Studies, who offer weekly private meetings to discuss problems and help with work, to Heads of Subjects, who run various clubs and surgeries designed to aid revision and go over areas of difficulty, there is always somebody to talk to who knows you well and supports you.

Outside the classroom, there is a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Sport at St Mary's is very successful, with a national-level Lacrosse Team, excellent Hockey and Netball Teams, Aegon Tennis Teams, and an Athletics Team that performs at county and national level, as well as other sports including fencing and horse riding. The Music Department has a world-renowned Chamber Choir, as well as a wonderful Orchestra, Opera Group (led by a former opera singer!) and many other smaller instrumental groups. In the theatre, the Drama Department continues to stage regular fixtures at the Edinburgh Fringe, and the girls have performed many plays including an all female Hamlet and Evita. If none of these appeal, there are many other clubs and societies you can join, including Bright Futures, a careers society with lots of events, and the ever-popular Young Enterprise Company.

Boarding at St Mary's is an experience like no other! As a mainly boarding school (approximately 80% of girls board) your boarding house is like a second home, with your own room and en suite, a fully stocked kitchen, and a common room with TV areas and sofas to relax with friends, or work. The House Staff are excellent- they help to calm people before busy exam periods, and are always there if you need a chat or a hug. They also organise optional weekend activities including trips to nearby Bath, Laser Quest, the cinema, socials or even just a barbecue. Horizontal boarding allows you to form close friendships with your peers, which you'll keep for life. Having a comfortable, stable place to work is essential in busy times. That's not to say that the House Staff don't give you space - in Sixth Form, you're given more responsibility, but at the same time more freedom and trust from teachers and House Staff alike.

Of course, nice as it may be, we know we can't stay at St Mary's forever. So the school organises informative careers lectures every Tuesday, and workshops on Saturdays to help us improve our skills and understanding of the world of work, as well as giving us loads of ideas about future careers. There are also opportunities to learn about UCAS, personal statements and university interviews (the school offers mock Oxbridge interviews every year, for the community of Calne as well as girls in school) so by the time we come to send off those crucial forms we will be very well prepared.

We really hope we've given you an insight into Sixth Form life here at St Mary's Calne!

Head Girl's Team