14. School Shop

School ShopThis small building once stood on the perimeter of the Calne workhouse site on the ground to the north of the school. The workhouse closed in the early 1930s and was acquired by St Mary’s in 1934. It was then mostly demolished with the stone being used for building purposes within the school. However two workhouse buildings remained and are today listed buildings. The superintendent’s house is now used as offices by some departments within the school, and the old laundry has become the shop. This building possibly stands on the site of some old stables which in the early 1800s housed horses working in the quarry below.

The Workhouse
The old Calne Workhouse

The workhouse was a fine structure built in William and Mary style with Dutch gables and stone mullion windows. It faced south and had a main T-shaped block with single-storey outbuildings forming a courtyard at the back. 145 residents could be housed there. Built in 1847, it replaced a previous workhouse in Calne. John Duncan, Vicar of Calne and founder of St Mary’s, acted as chaplain to the residents.