The whole wellbeing programme at St Mary’s will be supplemented by a series of talks and workshops:

• Study skills workshops with Elevate Education to Year 11 on the 7th October, 6th December, and 14th March.

• Teenagers Translated Workshops on Thursday 13th October to all Fourth Form pupils.

• Self Esteem Workshops delivered by Natasha Devon from the Self Esteem Team on Wednesday 2nd November.

• Safe Drive Stay Alive Roadshow to all Sixth Form pupils on Thursday 1st December.

Safe Drive Stay Alive



• Seminar by Dr Aric Sigman on Screen Time and Screen Dependency and Parenting the Demanding Generation on Wednesday 23rd November.

• Nutrition talk by Sam Silvester to all LVI on Saturday 21st January.

• Workshop on the 2012 Equality Act by Gendered Intelligence to all LVI on Saturday 4th February.

gendered intelligence






• Workshop on Resilience to be delivered by Dr Nihara Krause, a clinical Psychologist, in conjunction with Stem 4 to all UIV on Friday 10th February.

Stem 4