At St Mary's we believe that there is nothing more important than promoting each girl's wellbeing, as we know that a strong sense of wellbeing underpins the girls' success in all areas of life.  Through our wellbeing programme we aim to foster self-confidence, self-belief and resilience, so that girls learn to embrace positively the inevitable challenges and pressures of life both now and in the future.

We have a holistic approach to the teaching of wellbeing through the core Personal Development Programme, led by Mrs Sue Foreman, Director of Personal Development and Wellbeing, which comprises three stages:

• Awareness
• Intervention
• Evaluation

Awareness is a skill that has to be learnt and it arises from stillness and patience: if we are constantly bombarded by sensory noise or have no time to stop because we are rushing from one thing to the next, we will not notice things about ourselves or others.

The stage of intervention involves the pupil in taking action to keep themselves healthy and happy after they have noticed what is going on.

In the final stage of evaluation the pupil must reflect on how well the interaction went.

Teaching wellbeing in core lessons will address the three stages highlighted above and will focus on the following key strands:

Emotional Health
• Healthy Living
• Positive Relationships
• Gratitude and Altruism
• Positive Thinking.