St Mary’s new library aims to be a resource centre for staff and students alike, to support teaching, learning and research; extending individuals both academically and personally by housing quality resources in welcoming facilities. It is open every day during term time and houses a variety of resources to entertain, support and stretch all our students and staff.

The ground floor of the library provides an array of varied seating, allowing library users to browse and enjoy the latest additions to the library stock, as well as current issues of publications, the graphic novels, manga, and myths, legends, folk and fairy tales.

On the first floor of the library, the study desks, with a fabulous view over the orchard, provide a tranquil setting for individual study. The first floor also houses the vast majority of our 12,000-plus books, both fiction and non-fiction.

In addition to this, the library also contains a number of varying sized collaborative spaces fitted with the latest interactive technology, allowing the girls to work jointly on projects.

In addition to the physical books, students have access to a range of online resources. These include over 400 e-books, The Day online newspaper for schools, online encyclopaedia Britannica, Grove Art, BMJ, MASSOLIT, and Connell Guides, as well as a variety of online journal databases such as EBSCO and JSTOR, all allowing the use of these resources both remotely as well as when on school grounds.

The St Mary’s catalogue can also be searched remotely. Along with the computerised self-issue facilities in the library this allows the girls to be in charge of their own borrowing. A library induction programme, as well as information literacy lessons for key intake years, provides the skills required for the girls to grow into independent researchers.

Girls are always encouraged to read for pleasure, nurturing their love of the written word. This is supported by regular author visits. The last few years have seen a plethora of writers talk to our girls, to answer their probing questions and lead our creative writing workshops including; Juno Dawson, Breis, Mimi Thebo, Fleur Hitchcock, Tamara Macfarlane from Moon Lane Ink, Julia Golding, Dave Shelton, Dave Smith, and Teri Terry and we look forward to welcoming more in the coming months!

Dr Penelope James (Librarian) and Mrs Nicki Carnochan (Assistant Librarian)