little wimmin tnThe LVI (Year 12) Drama cohort are certainly making up for lost time in seeing lots of shows – after the terrific experience of last month’s Jerusalem, the class were confronted with some genuinely strange drama with Figs In Wigs' version of Little Wimmin.

Part spoof, part performance art, part deranged physical theatre, the show was by turns mesmerising, hysterical and monotonous. However, we all agreed it was worth seeing!

There were no such reservations when we joined forces with the Classics Department to claim highly sought-after tickets for Punchdrunk’s amazing The Burnt City – a stunning three-hour long immersion in a noir-ish underworld based on the myths of the Trojan War. Constructed over two floors, with endless performers to follow and labyrinthine suites of rooms to explore, it made for an intoxicating theatrical experience!

Mr Duncan Ellis, Director of Drama