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On Thursday 17th March, girls studying the harp got together with a few friends to celebrate harp playing at the first harp party for several years. The informal setting, in Mozart in the Music block, provided a relaxed occasion for them to show off their current projects.

Two of this year's beginners, Honor and Rachel, gave confident performances of their pieces. Three of last year's beginners, Florence, Myra and Emilie, were celebrating success at Grade I of the ABRSM and played with assurance, and Millie repeated her exquisite performance from the finale of the Fourth Form Music Festival.

This was not a concert, so work in progress was also shared - Coco showed off a ragtime piece, Stefanie some jazz, and Gigi some music arranged from a film score.

The harp trio, joined by Mrs Loveridge on viola, were able to open the proceedings with a secure performance of Lieb by Brandon Walker, for flute, viola and harp - a classic combination. The girls listened with rapt attention and gave enthusiastic support, and any tensions were released afterwards with the consumption of a certain amount of cake!

With an unprecedented class of 10 harp students, there has been fierce competition for practice slots on the one school harp, which has its own timetable of 42 sessions. If anyone knows of a harp languishing unplayed, we would be glad to make its acquaintance!