elan tnCongratulations to Elan (UVI - Year 13), who has been offered a Choral Award at Trinity College, Cambridge, where she hopes to read Music from September having received an offer from the college.

The Choir of Trinity College is a mixed choir whose primary function is to sing choral services in the Tudor Chapel of Trinity College, and has been named the fifth best choir in the world by Gramophone.

The choir has taken various forms since its foundation, and has existed in its present form since 1982 when, shortly after the admission of women to the college, female voices were used for the first time for the choir’s upper lines. Three regular services are sung per week during the university term, and the choir sings Latin grace from the Minstrels’ Gallery in the college’s Greta Hall at a number of feasts. The choir also performs outside term time and enjoys recordings, concerts, broadcasts and tours. Congratulations to Elan on a place in this prestigious choir led by Stephen Layton. St Mary’s has three current Choral Scholars at Selwyn College Cambridge, and St Peter’s and University College Oxford.