LCM Diploma SuccessAlexa (Year 13) has recently scored an outstanding final result for her LCM Diploma in Musical Theatre, with 92/100 awarded. The examiner commented, “It was a pleasure to meet you today. We discussed a wide range of related issues and you clearly have a great love for and understanding of the musical theatre. I wish you well at Chichester and hope that you continue to enjoy your training. Good luck!"

Alexa has won a place on the much lauded and extremely competitive BA in Musical Theatre and Cabaret at the University of Chichester, and this result certainly stands her in excellent stead! Congratulations Alexa! Here are her thoughts on the process:

“Working for my LCM Diploma in Musical Theatre was a challenge this term alongside A Levels, but I have really enjoyed it and am very pleased with the outcome of my exam. I have been thoroughly supported by my singing teacher Mrs Allard in the process of forming a 20-minute programme that contains 4 contrasting songs and sections of spoken libretto from their corresponding musical to link the action together: all in costume! I also researched each musical's storyline and the composers and lyricists behind them in preparation for the discussion section of my exam. Another aspect was practising learning a page of unseen music in 15 minutes which is something I had to do for the examiner. My final exam was over Zoom and it was great to be able to perform to someone again, even if virtually. Overall, it has been excellent experience, allowing me to expand my repertoire and practise performing, all helping me prepare for my university degree in musical theatre and cabaret performance next year.”

Mrs Bethan Fryar, Director of Vocal Studies