pangbourne tnOn Saturday, 5th March, 16 pianists, representing a cross-section of all year groups and abilities, attended the Tenth Anniversary Pangbourne Piano Festival 2022.

This presented a wonderful opportunity for the girls to perform their repertoire on the beautiful Steinway Model D and C concert grand pianos that this all-Steinway college has to offer.

Every participant proved themselves to be an asset to St Mary's Calne with their brilliant playing, respectful listening and exemplary demeanour throughout the day. The girls received a participation certificate alongside a report card of constructive feedback from renowned pianists and composers Pamela Chilvers, Luis Parés and Samantha Ward.

We are thrilled to announce that the following students were placed in their respective classes, and were presented with a commemorative album of piano music to enjoy learning with their teachers.

Karen LIV (Year 7) - Solo Intermediate age 11 - 2nd place
Mia UIV (Year 9) - Solo Intermediate, 14 and under - 2nd place
Allison UIV (Year 9) - Solo Advanced, 14 and under - 2nd place
Kate LVI (Year 12) - Solo Advanced Grade 8+, 16 and under - 1st place
Laura UV (Year 11) - Duet Senior - 1st place