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On 24th November, LVI (Year 12) Artists enjoyed a printmaking session with professional printmaker, Jemma Gunning. LVI student, Amelia, shares the experience with us.

‘Gunning specialises in intaglio and lithography to capture architectural surface layers through traditional perspective. Throughout the workshop we were taught processes and techniques to mimic pieces using texture and mark-making following the processes of 'sugar lifting' and 'aquatint'. I managed to incorporate some of my past pieces, for instance my work from the A Level Art Trip En Plein Air, basing my work on a previously drawn landscape.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and I learnt a form of etching I didn't know existed. My friends commented ‘I enjoyed learning about processes and materials that I can now use at a more advanced level’ and ‘I found it intriguing to learn that art and science are more related than I realised’. Having learnt about etching during my GCSE studies, this workshop has expanded my skills in this medium.’