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Congratulations from Miss Darling, Mrs Cavill, Mrs Dudley Fryar and Miss Porter to all the cast and crew of Anything Goes 2015 – the show was a huge success and we are extremely proud of you.

After six weeks of long rehearsals, late nights, set-building, painting, and learning of lines, the stage was set for the St Mary’s 2015 musical. Witty, demanding and engaging, Cole Porter’s hit Anything Goes immediately engaged our young actors and singers. Girls learnt the driving, often complex, rhythms of the songs quickly, and brought characters to life over the space of six weeks. It has been truly incredible experiencing first-hand how the personalities within the plot have developed, driven by the girls’ own ideas and inspiration. The musical is a living, breathing organism, constantly evolving due to the endless ideas the girls have.

Needless to say, all the hard work has paid off, with three full houses for performances this week, not to mention the very appreciative school audience at the dress rehearsal. The lead roles played by Eliza, Sophie, Georgina, Sarah, Hebe, Hannah, Lucy, Gaby and Rachel were fantastically rendered, and received much praise from our delighted audiences. Chorus parts and other speaking roles were energetically played by girls from the Fifth and Sixth Forms, whilst the angels added a celestial shimmer to the performances. The backstage team, headed up by Lottie and Esme was instrumental to the show’s success, carrying out essential jobs faultlessly and with efficiency. Miss Porter’s toe-tapping routines were a real sensation to behold in numbers such as Anything Goes and Blow, Gabriel, Blow. Mrs Fryar’s expert singing guidance was duly taken on-board and evident in the solos of lead roles in major numbers including those sung by Eliza and Hannah. Miss Darling’s attention to detail with staging, set design and costume took the show to an almost professional level, whilst Mrs Cavill and the band provided the technicolour, ever-changing musical backdrop to the show with great enjoyment and style.

After all the weeks of work, and the post-performance adrenaline rush, everyone will deserve a good rest over Half Term. But for now,on with the show!