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The Crucible

This term, girls studying GCSE Drama were inspired by thought-provoking productions at the Bristol Old Vic.

On 6th November, we went to see The Crucible at the Bristol Old Vic theatre as part of our GCSE Drama course. Tom Morris, the Artistic Director of the Old Vic had stripped down the set to the bare minimum and positioned the audience in the round for this production of Arthur Miller’s classic. The set was formed of a circular wooden platform upon which the action took place with a backdrop of trees which hung behind the audience. The circular shape of the stage was reminiscent of a crucible or cauldron, suggesting that the whole town of Salem was like a cauldron in which the lies, deceit and suspicion were being stirred up. Of particular note were Rona Morison, who played a scheming, and powerful Abigail Williams, and Dean Lennox Kelly who portrayed John Proctor as honest and hardworking.  The production was a fantastic three hours of intense drama and really made the audience realise how fruitless and ridiculous the trials had become.  
Jemima (LV Form) 

The Encounter

The Encounter

On Friday 18th September, girls studying Drama at GCSE went to see a play at the Bristol Old Vic called The Encounter. It was an adaptation of the book Amazon Beaming, based on a National Geographic photographer who had an encounter with an indigenous tribe while getting lost in the Amazon rainforest. Simon McBurney, both actor and director of the production, and Artistic Director of Complicite Theatre Company, performed an amazing and thought-provoking biography of the National Geographic photographer (Loren McIntyre).

Unlike a normal play, we had to wear special headphones to hear the performance. The sound effects that were created by using technical microphones and unusual props were phenomenal and we were all staggered by McBurney’s performance. We thoroughly enjoyed it and we thought that this production really broadened our perspective on different types of theatre.  Isabel (LV Form)