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On 2nd February the girls taking part in the RADA Advanced Communication Course travelled to RADA in London to present their final presentations to a panel of experts and an audience of peers and parents.

This was a wonderful opportunity for the RADA participants to showcase all that they have learnt on this unique course. Each girl presented on a national or international cause that she is passionate about that has a wider sociological, environmental or political impact. The presentations were delivered to an audience and a panel of experts from RADA in Business who then asked questions and gave immediate feedback on each presentation as a whole.

Particularly outstanding presentations were made by Catrina, with her honest and engaging speech about the pressures of exams in the education system and by Eve, with her light-hearted and personal take on how Barbie's can be a positive role model for young girls and a channel through which young girls can act out their greatest ambitions. The girls were very well received by the panel who were impressed with the level of thought and professionalism in the presentations. Afterwards, the pupils celebrated their success with a meal at Zizzi's before heading back to Calne. Well done to all the girls on their very thorough and confident presentations.