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On 15th March, the AS Drama students performed extracts of The Maids by Jean Genet. The group were working on staging their chosen extracts in the style of contemporary physical theatre company, Frantic Assembly. The play, based on a true story and written in 1942, tells the tale of two maids who plot to kill the Madame for whom they work. In preparation for the murder, the maids play a game where they take it in turns to play the Madame to role play the scenario. The group chose to move the setting of the play to the modern day, where the Madame becomes a celebrity 'it girl', their beautiful set design capturing the luxury and modernity of a bedroom in the Madame's penthouse. Georgina played Claire, the dreamier and more idealistic maid who we often saw slipping skilfully in and out of role-play as the Madame. Katie successfully portrayed the bitter and frustrated Solange, who we saw become immersed in the role-play to a point where she loses touch with reality. The performance was enjoyed by an audience of friends, staff and family.

The moderator commented on the high standard of the performance and that she thought that the girls successfully encapsulated the style of Frantic Assembly with their slick and fluid choreography. The Moderator also commented that the girls showed a very clear understanding of what is a very complex and sometimes surreal plot with multiple layers of performance.