"On Monday 20th March, we had our performance of Holes by Louis Sachar in the Egg Theatre, Bath. We were really tired after our busy weekend rehearsing but were all hyped for the performances. This was it!

Once we arrived at the theatre, backstage got the set ready and the props in place, as well as getting to grips with the lighting and sound equipment in the Egg. Actors rushed into hair and makeup while this happened.

Getting into costume was fun – and so was exploring the nooks and crannies of the theatre. Some of us, playing boys, got moustaches and beards. Others had to be really dirty, so the hair and makeup department had their work cut out getting us all to look the part!

Next, it was time for our first run-through in the theatre, which went far more smoothly than we had expected, although it was hard to keep quiet behind the curtains. After plenty of notes from Miss Bradfield, lunch, makeup touch-ups and a few more notes, we were finally ready for our first public performance; the matinee. This was attended by the lower years and some family members. Of course, we were feeling a little nervous but luckily the bag of sunflower seeds held it together until the right moment and Charlie didn’t drop the lipstick tube into the audience. Jubilate! It was then time for a break before more notes.

We ate enough pizza to feed the town of Calne for a year! Once we had satisfied our appetites, a couple more notes were given because we needed our last performance to showcase the best of our abilities. It was sad to perform Holes for the last time, which at the same time made it more special. When the curtain went up, we all tried our best to give Stanley and his crew a good send-off. I think our last performance was the best! After the show, we were all tired but happy, and so grateful to have had the amazing experience to work in a professional theatre."
Charlotte and Eliza

The girls all benefited enormously from this experience, as can be seen from some of their comments below:

"We all greatly enjoyed the day due to the fact that it was all a huge team effort. We learnt to work better as a team and as a year group (and in this case a production company). This meant in practice that we co-operated and were so supportive of each other through the journey. Resilience was key, and communication essential. After the day we were all closer as a year and really rather proud of what we had achieved." Megan and Emma

"Our role in the play was being lizard puppeteers; we got some really cool face paint and an orange jumpsuit. To perform on stage was incredible; even though we had practised many times before it was not nearly as exhilarating as the real thing. We all enjoyed it thoroughly and would love to do it again." Emily and Ellie

"I think the advice that I would give to the UIV next year when they’re doing their play is that it is really important that you all support each other, as the play would never succeed without all the girls working together."Ashley

"This was the first time I had worked in a professional theatre with my classmates, all co-operating. I think that was a really key part of the whole experience, getting to work with your friends in an actual theatre,"  Sabrina

"My role as backstage costume was to make sure everyone was wearing the right thing and to fix the costumes if needed..It was amazing to work in a real theatre." Harriet

"Thank you Miss Bradfield for letting us do this amazing production." Mia