Curious Incident of dog in the nighttimeOn Thursday 16th March, all the A Level and GCSE students went to the theatre in Bath to see a wonderful play called The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. Fortunately, there were some spare tickets and five girls from the UIV Form also got to go, including me. 

The play is about an autistic boy who finds out that his neighbour’s dog has been murdered with a garden fork; he makes it his mission to find out who did it, however, he discovers a few more things along the way. I had heard so many great reviews of the play, and when I arrived I thought that the set was really original. Once the play had started, I realised that all the walls could light up in so many different ways - it really enhanced the acting and the atmosphere. All the acting was really impressive, especially as a couple of actors had to play many different characters. To add extra drama to this experience, we found out that the interval had to be extended due to a medical problem backstage but were relieved when the second act started after waiting for about 30 minutes!

I had already read the book before I had seen the play, and was really looking forward to seeing how they portrayed the book on stage and I was not disappointed! The relationship between the young boy and his family was so intense, mainly because even though he would not let anyone touch him you could see such a strong loving bond between them. However, the play also had some really funny moments that made everyone laugh out loud and enjoy the play even more.

Once the play had finished, I walked out thinking that I could have watched it all over again, however, due to the delay we were all longing for our beds! It was a great experience, with brilliant moments and fantastic actors. It is definitely a school trip to remember.

Polly (UIV Form)