On Friday 21st April the girls studying Drama GCSE and A Level went to the Bristol Old Vic to watch La Strada.

The story was about Gelsomina; a spirited innocent girl living in the Italian countryside. Gelsomina was sold by her mother to Zampano, a travelling street performer, to be his assistant in his ‘strong man' act. The mismatched pair travelled around Italy making money, with her introducing his act. Zampano, however, spent the money that they made on drinks and women. After a while, Gelsomina became restless and fed up of Zampano’s drinking habit and demanded to get her fair share of the money so she could send it home to her family.

Eventually Gelsomina ran away from Zampano, only to run into a man called Mario, a tightrope walker working in a circus. Zampano followed her and they both ended up working at the circus, until it is revealed that Zampano and Mario had known each other in the past. A fight broke out between the men, which resulted in Zampano spending the night in prison.  

Gelsomina spent the evening with Mario, and he asked her why she stayed with Zampano. Gelsomina explained to him that she felt there was no point to her life, and no point leaving Zampano, regardless of the fact he abuses her. Mario suggested she go with him instead, however she refused. Gelsomina only saw Mario one time after that.

In a rage Zampano killed Mario and then ran away with Gelsomina. Gelsomina, however, was unable to forgive Zampano for killing her friend and left him at last. She had finally been exposed to Zampano's horrible temper and wanted to be free.

A number of years had passed when Zampano found the town that Gelsomina lived, only to find that she had died and was burried in the church yard. He was overcome with grief.

This was a very moving musical with many ensemble and physical moments. We had excellent seats and the acting was amazing.
By Kristina (LV)