On Thursday 27th April, the GCSE Drama students had to perform their devised pieces in either a storytelling or physical style of theatre.

The evening began with performances from the two UV groups. The first, A Dragons Tail, was a storytelling piece with elements of physical theatre. It was a very gripping performance about the history of a statue in China and the story behind how it came to be there. Some members of this group had chosen costume and sound design options so they had an attractive array of costumes and a fantastic soundtrack.

The second piece, Magnolia Heights, was the story of an urban tower block and its residents who enjoyed their life until the arrival of a mysterious lady called Fleur. It had a very dark element to it, first coming off as a comedy but then ending in a murder. They had minimal props and instead used physical techniques to replicate objects. Both of these piece's were acted very well playing very convincing characters.

After a short break the LV groups performed their pieces. My group’s piece Losing Hope was first and we were all feeling very anxious knowing this was going towards our GCSE, however the other groups told us to just enjoy performing the pieces as we had all put lots of hard work into it. Our physical theatre piece was about a girl called Pandora dealing with the death of her friend Hope. She was experiencing very confusing emotions as she struggled to deal with survivor’s guilt. I was really pleased with our performance and fully enjoyed the experience.

The second LV group performed a piece in a storytelling style about a girl neglected by her parents. She found a love for reading and with this she was determined to get into a very academic school.

Overall, the evening was a success with everything running smoothly. Everyone was very pleased with the end results after spending a long time creating their pieces. It was great to see all the ideas people had and see how they expressed them. I feel confident in saying everyone thoroughly enjoyed their evening.

Kristina (LV)