On 8th June, some of our LAMDA students took to the stage to showcase their LAMDA exam pieces ahead of the exams which take place towards the end of term.

This was a chance for them to share the fantastic work they have been doing in their LAMDA lessons. They performed against the backdrop of the set which is in construction for the Junior Musical. The performers ranged from LIV to LVI and they were well supported by their friends, family and teachers. The pieces came from a range of plays of varying styles. Notable performances included Lucy's comic performance of Lyndsey from French Toast by Lee Irving . Lila and Elizabeth worked very well together in the comic duologue Slob School by Robert Mauro. These pieces were contrasted with the more serious work of Sixth Form Drama Scholar, Clara, who performed an intense piece from Road by Jim Cartwright and Emma, whose performance of Mercy from Mercy Fine was very moving. Skye (UIV Drama Scholar), Anna and Bella also shared the highest scoring work from the spring session of LAMDA. The huge range of talent we have coming up through the school was particularly evident.

A huge thank you to the girls who took part and the LAMDA teachers who have worked incredibly hard this year to prepare the girls and who have achieved some fantastic results with them.