On Friday 15th September, the GCSE and A Level Drama students experienced a day of Immersive Theatre in London. The day started with a workshop with renowned immersive theatre company, Punchdrunk, at their training facility Fallow Cross, which is a specially built set in the form of a small village.

Punchdrunk are known for creating large-scale cinematic sets in which the masked audience are free to roam, discovering characters and stories along the way. The girls were taken through the process of creating a movement duet which they then placed within the Fallow Cross set. This was followed by a workshop with Joe Hufton, Associate Director of Alice Underground. The workshop took place on the set of the show at the Waterloo Vaults and covered the theatre company, Les Enfants Terribles', approach to creating and devising theatre.

Following a much needed stop off for pizza, we then returned to the Vaults as audience members to watch Alice Underground. This fantastic production took the girls on a journey through Wonderland. The show began with a choice to ‘eat me’ or ‘drink me’, this divided the group into the four different suits of card. Each suit was taking on a different route through Wonderland, meeting different characters on the way including Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee who were suspended on trapezes and the Cheshire cat, a puppet operated by two actors. Each suit was set a special mission. The Spades were tasked with distracting the cook to eat the Queen’s jam tarts. The show culminated with all the suits being brought back together, as the Queen called a trial.

It had been a very enjoyable and informative day for all involved.