Superb showcase of 'Dancing Delights and Dramatic Debauchery!'

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On Friday 2nd March students from LIV and MIV Form (Years 7 and 8), along with selected UIV (Year 9) students, took part in a Roald Dahl inspired showcase in the Delscey Burns Theatre. Students, staff and some brave parents battled the snow to come and share our evening of 'Dancing Delights and Dramatic Debauchery!'

The show displayed some of the students own choreography skills from their dance lessons this term, whilst the Junior Drama Club interlaced scenes from a variety of plays based on Roald Dahl stories.

The UIV created a soundscape of found sound with kitchen implements, and gave us a 'Stomp' inspired performance of rhythm and dance. The MIV Form took inspiration from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory's Mike Teevee, with contemporary group pieces based around technology. This involved using remixes of phone ringtones for the sound, creating still images of watching TV and dance moves inspired by selfies!  Meanwhile, the LIV introduced us to the story of Fantastic Mr Fox with a wonderful display of underground animals, feasting and playing in the fields.

The Junior Drama Club did a particularly good job, with a large amount of scenes each; they really rose to the challenge and did themselves proud. Particular highlights included Lucy as Mrs Twit and Charlie as Mr Twit, who were hilariously unrecognisable as the gruesome pair.

Considering the slight disruption of the snow outside, the students worked hard all day to rearrange their numbers and scenes in order create the best show possible. It was truly a delight from start to finish, well done girls.

Miss Bethany Dickinson, Performing Arts Assistant