GCSE and A Level Drama students perform devised pieces

On Thursday 3rd May, our LV and LVI students performed their GCSE and A Level devised pieces for an invited audience. 

Both groups of LV students created short performances based around a stimulus that they were given; they were both fun and intriguing whilst utilising a range of dramatic storytelling techniques. The first group performed Have You Seen Margaret? which was created based on a real life news story about a lady escaping from her elderly home. In their version, Margaret had almost completed her bucket list, but still wanted to achieve her dream of getting a tattoo of Gary Barlow! We followed her whirlwind journey across the country, whilst her friends back home searched for her.

The second group had created an 80s/90s adventure, Board To Death, which followed a disjointed group of teenagers as they fell into the game of Cluedo. They are forced to find out who the murderer is among them, and turn on each other as they make their accusations. This group were inspired by a stimulus of Stranger Things, to create a twisted tale of an upside down world.

On the same evening, our LVI students had the opportunity to perform their devised piece in another space in the theatre. Their piece was inspired by Theatre Company ‘Les Enfants Terribles’ style, which was evident in their costume and setting, with an element of old school glamour and direct address. They took an extract from Ella Hickson’s play Hot Mess, which inspired the beginning of their piece, when twins were born without a heart and somehow survive. Following the terrible twosome through their childhood and adult lives, we watched as they developed gruesome afflictions to death and destruction. The Moon Sisters then travel the country performing magic acts wherever they go, and every once in a while there is a freak accident following their tricks. With the case for their arrest still not settled, we followed a detective trying to uncover the mystery. The Magnificent Moon Sisters’ Travelling Show was a tribute to the film noir genre, with complex moments of shadow puppetry, synchronised movement and soundscaping. The end result was a high standard of performance which was very professional.

As a Drama Department, it was an extremely proud moment to see the students excel in pieces they have created themselves. The audience reacted well, including lots of laughs and generous feedback. We hope the girls are proud of their performances, and look forward to continuing with these two talented year groups!