Spectacular Junior Production of 'His Dark Materials'

His Dark Materials, this year's visually spectacular Junior Play, was performed by LIV and MIV (Years 7 and 8) on 28th and 29th June in the theatre. The script by Nicholas Wright, originally staged at The National Theatre, is based on the epic trilogy of novels by Philip Pullman.

We presented Part One of the trilogy which focused on the first novel, Northern Lights. The trilogy, popular amongst young people, deals with vast philosophical questions such as the nature of God and religion, the multi-world theory, the existence of the soul and of dark matter and the nature of growing up. We attempt here to provide you with a fairly potted version of this vast and epic adventure. It tells the story of Lyra as she travels to the North Pole to find her missing friend Billy. Along the way she meets witches, polar bears and a Texan balloonist and discovers the truth about her family and about dust.

The cast have worked incredibly hard throughout the short rehearsal period to put the performance together. We are very grateful to the Art Department for making daemons and armoured bears a physical possibility and to Lucy (Year 13 Drama and Art Scholar) for designing and painting the beautiful set. The play saw some excellent performances, notably from our four Lyra's, as well as the talented supporting cast.

This was Miss Bradfield's last production at St Mary's before moving on to her new role in September at St Hugh's Prep School. We wish her well in her new role.

Miss Holly Darling, Director of Drama