Stunning Production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

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The Delscey Burns Theatre played host to buzzing electric fairies in the week before Half Term.  They were part of the school's production of Shakespeare's classic magical comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which played on the Thursday and Friday after a rapturous, packed dress rehearsal the night before. 

The production was conceived by Mr Ellis, Acting Director of Drama, to represent a shabby part of rural England, sometime in the early 1960s. This era inspired a creatively ramshackle set, featuring the base of a huge electrical pylon and an abandoned shed!  The three different narratives in the play - Oberon, Titania and the fairies, the 'rude' mechanicals, and the four mismatched lovers expertly played out their stories under, in front of and on top of the set.  The 30-strong cast did incredibly well, especially considering the six and half week rehearsal period, and were greeted with a standing ovation after the final performance. 

'I never realised it was so funny' proclaimed a proud parent at the Gala Performance, which was followed by a Black Tie Supper, beautifully laid on by Mrs Thomas and her team.  Special mention should also go to Miss Dickinson, whose movement sequences were perfectly choreographed, and Miss Hughes, who organised and led a superbly efficient and hard-working crew. 

Mr Duncan Ellis, Acting Director of Drama