Junior Drama Club performs at local schools

This term, our Junior Drama Club girls have been working on small pieces of Children’s Theatre, inspired by stories from the BBC’s '500 Words' competition. The girls have performed at two local schools, St Margaret's Preparatory School and Holy Trinity Primary School, Calne, and have thrived in front of the young audiences.

The girls have devised their own pieces, creating not only the plays by themselves, but also being given the responsibility of creating a props and costume list. The process has given them the chance to be creative with their drama skills, and they have thrown themselves into the challenge of devising and preparing a small-scale piece of drama! The pieces have ranged from the magical and comical, to the serious and real life.

The groups are made up of students from different years, which the girls seem to have really enjoyed. Watching the girls work together has shown the real sense of camaraderie between them.  They have shared their knowledge and skills to create pieces of theatre that impressed not only the St Mary’s staff, but also the staff at our host schools. We have had brilliant reviews from some of the parents at the prep and primary schools, with their children going home and excitedly discussing the plays that they had seen. Well done, Junior Drama Club!

Miss Bethany Hughes, Drama & Dance Graduate Assistant