Theatre Trip to see 'The Borrowers'

Bristol TheatreOn 6th December, our Junior Drama Club, comprising girls from across the Fourth Form, were treated to a trip to Bristol's Tobacco Factory Theatre to watch a fun-filled performance of The Borrowers to say thank you for all the hard work they have put in over the Autumn Term. The play takes the well-loved story of the little people beneath the floorboards and places it on stage in a crazy, inventive but wonderfully simplistic way.

The concept of size runs through the piece beautifully. The theatre space lends itself to the story; the small and intimate space allowing the audience to feel part of each transformation from the little world of The Borrowers to our bigger world in which Eddie lives. The giant props which are used in the piece are creatively very clever, instantly making the performers seem much tinier than their actual size. We see a huge sardines' tin being used as a safe space, and a giant cotton bud used as a playful weapon by the main character, Arrietty.

The cast of just seven performers worked incredibly hard. Not only did the cast multi-role, but they fluidly slotted in and out of the live band that was always onstage. The live music was a fun addition to the piece; a particular highlight being You Only Live Once, where the audience were encouraged to join in with the dance that was happening onstage. The performers danced, sang and showed an enormous amount of physical strength as they climbed and pulled themselves along the simple, but effective, staging rig.

The girls and staff alike all really enjoyed the play, and came away incredibly inspired!

Miss Bethany Hughes, Drama & Dance Graduate Assistant