Last Thursday evening (12th November), UV (Year 11) and UVI (Year 13) Drama students performed their Devised plays, postponed from this May. Despite the delay and the busy schedule of the Drama year, all the performance groups rose to the challenge and delivered a series of inventive, thought-provoking and superbly realised presentations.

The three UV groups presented a sequence of contrasting pieces all based on Alan Lightman's short story sequence, Einstein's Dreams, which explores the elasticity of time. Letting Go (by Pollyanna, Beauella and Rosie) told the story of warring generations of a single family who suddenly have the ability to trap time; The Three Pensioners (Jemima, Bonnie and Annabelle) showed three wistful elderly people hatching one last daring plan to recover their lost youth, and in Hit or Miss (Leah, Phoebe, Alicia, Charlie and Lucy) vengeful employees kept failing to kill their boss and escape the time loop they were stuck in. The contrasts in style and theme were clear, and emphasised the commitment and drama skills of the girls.

In Bit of a Blur, the UVI offering, Nell, Eliza, Ore and Isla took us back to the excitement of the 90s and the Britpop era, in the style of the physical Bristol company, The Wardrobe Ensemble. The four-strong cast showed the struggles of four fans to attend a CD signing by the band Blur, featured a hysterical cameo from Eliza as Liam Gallagher, and then switched to the incompetent workers of the record store, Spin-It Records, before climaxing with a beautifully choreographed fight (thanks to Miss Caldwell) between them over the last CD in the store. Fast-paced, fizzing with energy and using a terrific soundtrack, it was a fittingly superb end to a great evening's drama, enjoyed by all the upper school students who saw it.

Mr Duncan Ellis, Director of Drama