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Friday evening saw the first proper drama presentations to parents in over 18 months; a carefully orchestrated double-bill allowed MIV (Year 8) and UIV (Year 9) parents to attend to watch two very contrasting productions.

First up, MIV showcased their version of the adaptation of the classic German children's adventure story 'Emil & the Detectives'. Inventively directed and conceived, moving flats became train stations, cafes, hotels, and sewers, as a bright and talented cast, with Olimpia radiant in the title role, multi-roled and manipulated the space with confidence to tell the tale of Emil and his Berlin bunch of street urchins in their attempts to take back stolen money from the evil Mr Snow, played superbly by Elo.

It was followed by Miss Caldwell and Miss Darling's spectacular and daring version of 'Mermaid' based on the 'little mermaid' story, and updated to address very modern themes of manipulation, body image, royalty, in a sometimes dark and disturbing, but always gripping way. Libby excelled as the Mermaid who yearns for a human prince, played by Eva, framed by a deft storytelling device in which Claire, as Blue became both narrator and creator. Dazzling stagecraft and Miss Caldwell's stunning choreography made this a truly beautiful and moving theatrical experience, and the rapturous applause was richly deserved.

Overall, it was a superb return to as close to a 'real' theatre experience as possible and it made us all VERY excited for the senior musical, Betty Blue Eyes, rehearsals for which commence on our return in the autumn.

Mr Duncan Ellis, Director of Drama