Pianists in the spotlight

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On Wednesday 28th February, 15 pianists stepped on to the concert platform in Chapel to give a recital of pieces that they had been working on during the course of the year so far. Vicky opened the proceedings with a movement from Clementi’s Sonata in G, before Christy entertained us all with the popular Canon by Pachelbel. A Scarlatti Sonata followed from Joanna, before Cindy provided us with yet another classic in the form of Chopin’s famous Nocturne in E flat. Coco gave an evocative interpretation of Debussy’s Sarabande, which was then followed by another of Chopin’s most famous works, this time the Minute Waltz, performed by Sophie.

Laura’s rendition of a Tarantella by Maykapar was a dramatic offering, as was the sound world of Bjelinski’s Uzbuna (meaning ‘Alarm’), which came next from Iona. Aimee then brought us some jazz-inspired flavours from across the pond with Gershwin’s Liza, before Lydia superbly captured the still atmosphere of Rakov’s Der Tag ist vergangen (The day is ended). Jane was next up with a Brahms' Intermezzo, followed by a movement from a Haydn Sonata played by Pelin. Abbie brought the jazz-inspired elements back to us once more with an exciting piece called Cool by Stephen Wood, before a serene Waltz by Zilinskis from Izzy to round off the solo performances.

Roberta then brought the evening to a sparkling conclusion by playing a duet with Mr Totney. This was a four-handed arrangement of Schubert’s Marche militaire, which proved useful preparation for her upcoming GCSE recording.

The evening proved a valuable opportunity for our pianists to step out into a public arena and they all took something from the experience, whether they are seasoned or occasional performers. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Mr Chris Totney, Head of Keyboard Studies