Sport at St Mary's

Sport plays a very important part in our life at St Mary's. With the ever-increasing demand and pressure on teenage girls, we strongly believe in the benefits of both individual and team sports and all girls are encouraged to participate whatever their ability. Learning to work and play as a team teaches trust, increases resilience and builds confidence and self-esteem; all valuable qualities which can be transferred to everyday life. In the first few years at St Mary’s this can not only generate a wonderful camaraderie but also an important sense of belonging. Both the staff and girls take pride in the girls’ own personal and collective achievements at all levels. Whilst at the top end we strive for excellence, providing the opportunity for our more able athletes to develop and maximise their own potential whilst maintaining enjoyment in Sport for everyone.

In recent years the strength and depth of sporting talent has increased and we are enjoying an improving reputation in Sport. There have been many individual and team successes; Highlights include the U13 Lacrosse team winning the West of England Schools Tournament, the Ski team became GB champions and our U16 and U14 Netball teams won their Area Tournament. Several girls represent the county in Lacrosse and Athletics and we are hoping to send our promising athletes through the county development academy system in Netball and Hockey this season. We are also proud to have girls who represent the Welsh National Lacrosse team, training for the GB Pony Eventing team, Junior West Lacrosse, South West Gymnastics, Riding, Rugby and Synchronised Swimming.

The excellent facilities include a 25m, six-lane swimming pool, gymnasium, dance studio, 24 tennis courts (comprising 16 astro courts for the Summer Term and 8 hard courts), 8 netball courts, a full-sized Astro Turf pitch (opened October 2014), grass pitches and a superbly equipped fitness suite.  Girls regularly use the facilities throughout the day, evening and at the weekend, whether playing for the school teams or for personal fitness or enjoyment.

 Director of Sport:  Mrs Heidi Marvin      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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