Excellent performances at the Condover Hall Netball Tour

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On Friday 9th March, the U14 and U15 Netball Teams travelled up to Condover Hall in Shrewsbury for the annual netball tour. It was very exciting for the U14s as they had never been before and anticipation was high. Saturday morning was tournament time for the U15s. There were not many teams in this section this year and it was actually an U16 section which they played in and two of the teams were Club Netball Teams, not school teams.

The girls played competitively and had some fantastic matches.

V North Bridge House 12- 1
V Long Eaton Astros 7 -10
v Ripley 8 -8

Both of the last two teams were the Club Teams, so these were remarkable scores for the girls. The U15s had to continue in a round robin on Sunday and play against these teams again. 

V North Bridge House 15 - 4
V Long Eaton Astros 5 -12
v Ripley 3 -10

Overall, the girls came 3rd and they should all be very proud of their performance, in fact, the first of their two matches against LEA was the best I have ever seen them play.

The U14s had many more matches. On Saturday morning the girls enjoyed climbing and abseiling and then the matches began on Saturday afternoon.

v St Gerard's 1 22- 0
v Hollyfield 2 7 - 1
v Hollyfield 3 18-0
v Ripley NC 3 8 - 0
v Norwich High 4 10-3

This put them at the top of their leaque going into Sunday morning. So it was then off to the silent disco and the loud disco and then bed!

On Sunday morning the U14s had to play the two runner-up teams from the other section.

V Norwich High 3 9- 0
v St Gerard's 2 15- 0

The girls had made it to the final and played Long Eaton Astros (a Club Team) and by full time it was 7-7. We went into extra time and it was still 7-7 at the end. Golden goal was then called upon! We were all nervous; the ball went up and down the court for at least two minutes and then Rosie had a shot at goal and it went in! All the girls screamed excitedly and celebrated being the winners!

It was a fabulous weekend. Thank you to all that took part.

Mrs Natalie Baldwin