U12s Celebrate Success at their first Lacrosse Tournament

u12 Joker DrawOn Sunday 7th October, the U12s competed in the Joker Draw Lacrosse Tournament, held at St Helen & St Katharine School, Abingdon.

This was an exciting and very promising first fixture for the U12s. We made a confident start against St Swithun's before coming up against a strong Claremont team who drove hard to goal. We panicked through inexperience in defence and made poor decisions in attack, losing 1-2. Post-match analysis sorted a few things out and we were able to revert to our more controlled and effective style of play against St Helen & St Katharine's B Team. Against Godolphin we were yet more organised in defence, still using our speed on the ball but making better passes to free players to score our goals, winning 3-0 for a place in the semi-final against St Paul's.

As the intensity grew, we were quick out of the blocks with an early score from another speedy run from Izzy which settled nerves. We then began to pass the ball more confidently, and following a superb pass from Iona to Skye in front of goal, we were 3-0 up. In the second half, St Paul's fought back hard but we had just done enough, winning 3-2.

The final was a rematch against Claremont and this time we were ready. Ruby was much more tenacious on the draw and our attack created greater space as we took another great 3-0 lead. But Claremont came back and despite a fantastic save by Bene, a little mishap gave them their second goal. As the clock ran down we managed to hold on to the lead, winning the final and the tournament. This was a hugely impressive performance from the whole team with everyone playing a large part in the team's success. Well done to Libby for all her goals, to Dora and Claire in their effectiveness at stopping the driving opposition, to Alice and Emily for mopping up any loose balls so well and Honor for her timing and vision in the attack.


v St Swithun's Won 4-0
v Claremont Lost 1-2
v St Helen & St Katharine's B Won 5-1
v Godolphin Won 3-0

v St Paul's Won 4-3

v Claremont Won 3-2