Great Runs at the Inter Company Cross Country Competition

This year, for the first time, the Inter Company Cross Country took place at Beversbrook Sports Facility.

It proved an excellent venue with a fast grass course. The girls all performed well, giving their best for their Company. There were some outstanding individual performances and some very close finishes across all three years. Girls new to the school worked hard in what was their first key internal sports competition and there were many improved finish positions and very positive runs from those who have raced before. There is clearly some real running potential which bodes well for competitions coming up later this term.

Well done and congratulations to all the runners and a special mention to those in Ed Rich Company, who were the overall winners!

Below are the individual results in the top four:

LIV Form (Year 7)
1st Matilda - Osmund
2nd Philippa - Osmund
3rd Flossie - Ed Rich
4th Poppy - Osmund

MIV Form (Year 8) 
1st Dora - Ed Rich
2nd Honor - Moberly
3rd Claire - Moberly
4th Skye - Grosstete

UIV Form (Year 9)
1st Eva-Rose - Grosstete
2nd Ophelia - Ed Rich
3rd Eliza - Osmund
4th Amy - Grosstete

Mrs Sally Hornby