Victory at the Wiltshire and Dorset County Lacrosse Tournament

On 14th September, we were fortunate to have a gorgeous, sunny afternoon for our Lacrosse Teams who were competing in the Wiltshire and Dorset County Lacrosse Tournament.

Our four Senior Lacrosse Teams competed at Beversbrook Sports Facility and were in fantastic form:

The 1st Team improved with every match following a tentative first half against a fired up Marlborough team. Sherborne were also well organised and with three break away goals by one of their very fast attackers, the score was close in the second half, before we scored again to give us a two-goal lead at the final whistle. However, we stepped up another gear for Godolphin, playing some much better lacrosse, winning 8-0 to retain the County Shield.

v Marlborough Won 6-1 
v Sherborne Won 5-3 
v Godolphin Won 8-0 

The 2nd Team had an equally impressive afternoon, notching up some very favourable scorelines, scoring 21 goals and conceding only three. They demonstrated improved teamwork and timing in attack, and, although the defence were not hugely tested, they remained solid and disciplined when needed, to become the 2nd division County Champions!

v Marlborough Won 9-0 
v Sherborne Won 5-1 I
v Godolphin Won 7-2 

The opening match of the 3rd Team division was an epic battle between our 3rd and 4th Teams, with the 4th Team leading at the half-time whistle! However, the 3rds remained calm and began to move the ball more effectively, capitalising on their possession and finally winning 4-3. Both teams then beat Sherborne quite convincingly with our usual nemesis, Godolphin, left to play. Godolphin were more physical and drove hard to their goal. The St Mary's 3rd and 4th Teams were both becoming more fatigued and struggled to defend Godolphin's strong attacking side. The 3rd St Mary's Team placed 2nd and the 4th St Mary's Team placed 3rd in the 3rd division.

This was a great tournament for the U15As winning all their matches to retain the title as County Champions. They had a little bit of a slow and tricky start in the first match against Marlborough College where their heads weren’t fully in the game and it was little scrappy. Half time was the turning point where the team picked it up and improved their game. It still looked a little rushed but the attack produced more scoring opportunities by utilising the fast breaks down the field. The second game against Sherborne was better and gave the girls an advantage being straight after the Marlborough game as they were much better prepared and warmed up. They had some fantastic defensive turnovers which helped them keep the ball away from their goal and towards their attacking end. The final game of the day was against Godolphin which was the toughest competition. They had some fast players who managed to push the man-up situations, however, with the goalkeepers quick reactions and some solid defensive slides, their score was kept down.

The U15Bs had a great day at Sherborne. The girls handled the new rules very well and managed to construct some fantastic team goals. We played our own game in attack against Godolphin, despite missing a GK. Bea made some great saves in goal to ensure we stayed in control, earning defensive MVP, with Katie dominating the attack, but everyone played their part in the successful day.

The U14A Team started the tournament in a confident mood, enabling them to pass the ball efficiently up the field to their attacks to score. Marlborough College had a number of inexperienced players who found it difficult to stop St Mary‘s taking control and it ended in a 7-0 win for Calne. They then went on to play Sherborne Girls' which was a much closer game, but St Mary’s always had that little bit of extra speed to get out of trouble, winning 4-1. The last game was always going to be the hardest; they did start with promise but were unfortunately unable to convert any shots.  Some shooting practice and double team practice (to cut out the more influential players in the opposition) is needed. They eventually lost 5-0, but they kept battling to the end. The girls came 2nd in the tournament to Godolphin.

The U14B Team had a very successful day, coming first in their tournament with wins against Sherborne, 6-0 and Godolphin 5-4.  Well done girls.

The U13s had a good day at sunny Godolphin, improving vastly on last weekend’s results. The U13A Team played a brilliant game, despite a closely-contested start, pulling away in the second half to a convincing lead with excellent transitions and disciplined defence. The U13Bs also performed well against a strong opposition, showing some impressive displays of stamina in the midfield and determined drives to goal, although eventually losing out by just a few goals.