Gold medals at the U14 and U16 Area Netball Tournament

All of our teams had fantastic results at the North Wiltshire Area Netball Tournament which took place on 2nd October at Sheldon and Hardenhuish Schools in Chippenham, with all the teams winning their respective tournaments!

U14A Team
It was a lovely sunny afternoon that really influenced our netball. Nerves were rattling as we waited for the first match. Tournaments are always interesting, as the games are fast and furious. We had moments of brilliance and moments when we lost our concentration. We need to really work on our spacing and using the pockets around the attack circle. We had quite a few three-seconds pulled up, due to our timing, but this will be worked on ready for the County round in November. Everyone gave 100% and the results were outstanding - well played to everyone. 

v Sheldon 11 - 2
v Malmesbury 13 -1
v Stonar 12 - 9
v Hardenhuish 13 - 1

U14B Team
The U14B's won all of their six matches in the B Team pool Area Tournament! The first match was played against the St Mary's C Team which resulted 8-3 (won by the B's). The team had a slow start into the match, however, the B's in the second half began to move the ball more cohesively down the court and into the shooting circle. We also won the following matches 6-0 (Hardenhuish), 12-0 (Corsham), 11-1 (Sheldon), 6-2 (Abbeyfield) and 8-0 (Malmesbury). The
St Mary B's were very successful utilising turn overs by efficiently passing the ball into the shooting circle and scoring a goal. The girls were also outstanding at creating space in the shooting circle by dragging their defender away which opened space to drive for the ball. Congratulations girls for winning the Area B Team Tournament!

U16A Team
The U16A Team played some impressive netball. Their movement of the ball through the court was good, the defence played well turning over balls in the circle and the attack fed the shooters accurately. They worked hard as a unit, supporting and backing up well. There are definitely areas for improvement; increased vision, improved decision making under pressure, greater use of a change of direction. But the team finished first and now have time to work and develop before the U16 County Tournament on Sunday 17th November.

v Malmesbury won 8 - 3
v Sheldon won 10 - 3
v Hardenhuish won 9 - 5

U16B Team
The U16B Team produced two solid team performances to win the Area B tournament at Sheldon. Our first match was against Malmesbury, and after a tentative start we began to build momentum and capitalise on our dominance in every area of the court. The defence were impressive, turning over balls and denying shooters time and space. The mid court worked hard, supplying our skilful shooters with great balls, to secure a 10-0 victory. Sheldon was always going to be a tight match and we were only 2-1 up at half time. Fresh legs came on in the second half, clicking well in the centre court,  maintaining the pressure for a 6-3 win.