Last week, we enjoyed our first, and hopefully last, Virtual Sports Day. The girls were awarded a point for every entry, encouraging them to enter a daily event for six days, culminating in what was to be our first full Saturday Sports Day. From the Split Step and Cross-Fit Agility challenge to the plank, wall sit and standing long jump, girls submitted their results to compete in either the junior, intermediate or senior age group.

Then finally, on the Saturday, girls chose to run a 1,500m or 3km run. We enjoyed 326 entries in total, with the plank being the school’s most popular event!
There were 121 entries from the LIV and MIV,137 entries from the UIV and LV and 52 entries from the LVI.

Despite the rather different events to what is normal for Sports Day, the Victrix Lodorum was presented to the girls who amassed the most points with their entries. Congratulations to the following girls;

Junior Runner-Up: Honor 37 points
Junior Winner: Baylee 44 points

Intermediate Runner-Up: Deborah 36 points
Intermediate winner: Harriet 54 points

Senior Runner-Up Lara 34 points
Senior Winner Belinda 45 points

Company Results: Overall, Moberly ran away with the lead, despite a number of Ed Rich’s top finishers, but Moberly was helped significantly by their participation.

The results are as follows;

1st Moberly - 184 pts
2nd Ed Rich - 131 pts
3rd Osmund - 102 pts
4th Poore - 53 pts
5th Grosstete - 30 pts

1st Moberly - 196 pts
2nd Ed Rich - 130 pts
3rd Grosstete - 75 pts
4th Poore - 71 pts
5th Osmund - 56 pts

1st Moberly - 112 pts
2nd Ed Rich - 92 pts
3rd Osmund - 75 pts
4th Poore - 40 pts
5th Grosstete - 21 pts

1st Moberly - 492 pts
2nd Ed Rich - 353 pts
3rd Osmund - 233 pts
4th Poore - 164 pts
5th Grosstete - 126 pts

Parents may view the full Sports Day results by clicking here

Mrs Heidi Marvin, Director of Sport