The girls at St Mary's have kept very busy doing a range of Sports, and we are working according to the Covid guidelines, to ensure the girls keep safe, fit and healthy.

The girls have had the chance to have Tennis in their PE lessons, which they missed last year, and as a result we have been able to run our usual Summer Term Company tennis competition, the results of which are below: 

Grosstete - 7

Ed Rich - 6

Moberly - 10 Ed Rich - 8 Grosstete - 9 Ed Rich - 11 Ed Rich - 11

Moberly - 4 
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Grosstete - 5
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Ed Rich - 8

Grosstete - 6
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Moberly -6 Grosstete - 7 Poore - 7
Osmund - 4 Osmund - 5 Grosstete - 6 Poore - 6 Osmund - 4 Moberly - 5 Moberly - 5
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Poore - 3 Poore - 3 Poore - 3
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Moberly - 5 Ed Rich - 3
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Poore - 4 Grosstete - 5
Er Rich - 2 Moberly - 1 Osmund - 3 Osmund - 4 Poore - 3 Osmund - 3

Osmund - 4

Tennis Academy:

2020/2021: There are 191 girls in the Tennis Academy programme (this could go up to 194 by the end of the week.)
As a percentage, this is over 54% of the school population having individual lessons, which is fantastic.
This is currently the largest the coaching programme has ever been; the Academy is thriving!


Swimming has been popular since coming back and we have therefore had to adjust the evening session times to accommodate all year groups.  It’s lovely to have so many keen and happy LIV, MIV and UVI. We are hoping to see more of the Fifth Form girls coming more regularly and hope to see them there soon.


The girls have had a productive start to term. We had a very successful pre-season hockey session, where all students had the opportunity to shake off the cobwebs that lockdown brought and get back on to the pitch. We have taken the opportunity whilst we haven’t had fixtures to develop and perfect techniques that will benefit the girls' long term hockey development. The week before Exeat, we put these skills to the test, with lots of game play and challenges for the girls to enjoy.


Our Fifth Form and Sixth Form netball has started strong, with a lot of focus on our attacking. We have gone back to basics in some areas and this has helped speed up our decision making and timing of passing. It has been great to see some of our Fourth Form doing netball too. I hope we get more chances for this as we build towards our more traditional ‘netball term’ in the Spring.


Lacrosse has started positively, with lots of practices and opportunities to regain fitness levels after lockdown. We have some new Lacrosse Coaches, who are all positively enhancing the girls’ game already. We are working on some fundamentals and allowing lots of opportunities to apply these into games situations. Hopefully we will get some opportunities for competition in the near future.


Riding has started brilliantly this term, with a win already under our belts. With more competitions to come, I am sure we will further show case our riders and their talented horses/ponies. Lots of girls have also taken the opportunity to take part in the activity, 'rein and shine', which is great.

Cross Country:

Cross Country Club has started well and a number of girls attend. We would love to see more there, either on a Tuesday or Thursday after school. We held our Inter-Company Cross Country this term and the results were as follows:

1st -   Ed Rich
2nd - Moberly
3rd -  Grosstete
4th -  Poore
5th -  Osmund